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How Voting Will Make Us Free Essay Contest 2016

Essay Contest 2016

How Voting Will Make Us Free

"As a fifth grader voting is important to me. I feel like I have a voice above all others when I vote. When I vote, it’ll be what I believe in. What I have, the freedom to vote, is what God wants all his creations to have. But unfortunately not everyone has what I have or believe. I am lucky to live in a country where I can vote and vote for what I believe in, and I want to vote so that it will stay that way. We should always have our freedom to vote. I want to vote for a leader that has the same ideas I have and will help our country to keep the freedoms we have.

To me voting means having the chance to pick the leader we think will make the best decision to keep our freedoms. I would describe freedom as doing what is right. Thinking about what is right, I would describe freedom as letting people vote for our best leader. I hope that someday in the future everyone will have a free future, and will have the same rights as I will have in a few years and that is the right to vote, and getting to vote for our best possible President of the United States of America. Everyone’s vote counts, and everyone needs to use those same rights. 

If we don’t vote that will mean that you don’t care for our country. It will mean that there was a loss of lives for all those people before us who died for our freedoms and it would be for nothing if we don’t vote. If we all don’t vote we can lose our privileges to vote. If people don’t care, we might have another country or leader take over, and they would say what happens, instead of the people that live here. A long time ago only white people could vote. Only white people with money and land could vote for the leaders. Now, minorities, like black people, and women, can vote. If we don’t vote, maybe rules could change and we could go back to old rules. Since I am a girl I would not want that to happen. People in this country fought to protect the freedoms of this country, knowing that they could die, but they felt very strong about our freedom so much, that they were willing to die for that and did not want people to not have a say. People tried to get freedom by fighting in the war to free their family and themselves. They were tired of people living in slavery, without freedom, so they fought for the rights of all people’s freedoms. When they won and got freedom rights, it was a blessing.

Voting will make us free by letting us vote for good leaders, or things to do, or places to eat. If we keep on voting we will not be forced to do what we don’t want to do. I hope that by the time I am 18 we will still have the freedom to vote, so I can vote, so everyone in my class can vote, and honor those who fought for our rights to vote. I want to vote, like so many people have already done, and that is voting to be free, and for keeping all the freedoms that our country already has."                         

Cassandra, TBES 5th grade student, Mr. Spencer's Class