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Mr. Spencer's ELT Class 2017


Melvin, Erik, and Xavior use puppets to share the message that you should be careful about what words mean in Mr. Spencer's ELT class.


Obi, Andy, and Zach share a tale that suggests we don't wish for things we are not meant to have in Mr. Spencer's ELT class.



David, Anthony and Max send a message of not being afraid of the little things with their skit in Mr. Spencer's ELT class.



This skit has Kiera, Carli, Miles, Natali, and Kayla presenting their version of this Aesop's Fable that shows one should not wish for things based on comfort. Carli has a keen knack for drama as the old man finally succumbs. Terrific work!


Cooper Lund, Miles Scott, and Cooper Hall wrote and produced this skit. They made their puppets and scenery, and it can't get any better with quotes like: "I'm a vegetarian and I keep running into rocks!" Way to go!


Riley, Ariana, and Madison perform "The Hen and the Cat". Marvelous puppets, scenery, and clear voices for your presentations.


Maritza, Emma, Celeste, Melody, and Yuri perform their version of The Eagle and the Fox, and Aesop's Fable. They wrote the skit, designed their puppets, and made their background. Well done!